Jill Sinclair Technical School

The Technical School is dedicated to the memory of Jill Sinclair a loving and deceased friend of Fr. Jim.

Monies contributed by anonymous and known benefactors.

The Technical School was opened for classes in 2016.

Students who trained during the school terms 2017 to 2018 is Ninety-Six.

Sixty students qualified as Technical Education Skills Development Authority welders, with National Certificate Level Two.

Cost of Building approximately Php 4,000,000.00. £67.000. (Paid)

Photograph is of our New Land Lot and renovation as completed of now. Financial cost to date is Php 2.000,000.00.  £33,000 approximately. (Paid).

Construction is suspended until funds allow for its completion).

Completion Cost estimated at Php 6,000,000.00. £100,000; this financial estimate includes all fittings. (Funds needed).

On completion, the building will house new classrooms, a new technical school Information Technology area, plus cookery, bread and pastries kitchen area. A full fitted industrial kitchen is required.

The five courses required for hotel and restaurant management will enable us to launch a four year HRM College Course, under the supervision of Commission on Higher Education.

Department of Education oversee kinder to grade twelve.

Commission of Higher Education oversee our College Courses.

Technical Education Skills Development Authority oversees all Technical Courses.

A six-month payment of Php 10,000 is required to train a student in welding. £170.

Computer System Servicing costs Php 5,000 for six-month course. £85.

Out of ninety-six welding students only ten could afford to pay the full cost of the course.

The JTJ Foyer and the Timbie Master Bedroom is nearing completion. This entire area is for HRM training.

The Foyer has a Traditional Filipino styled décor. The conference and food serving area has European décor.

The College and School Building have twenty classrooms giving us a minimum capacity of six-hundred students.

Maximum Public School student for similar size classrooms is a minimum of one thousand two hundred students.

The teaching faculty can instruct a class of thirty students confident that they will receive a high examination result.

It is a near impossibility to teach sixty plus students with confidence.

A primary need is financial sponsorships for our present students, plus full sponsorship for one hundred and ninety-two students to cover our minimum capacity.

There are about one hundred thousand potential students in Sapang Palay who have no hope of a High School or College education because of the economic poverty.

Fr. Jim Teeling would like to offer the reader an opportunity to assist us in our work of educating the economically weak students so they may hope for a better future.