In Place of War and Mospi, Phillipines


Vision: Mospi assists abandoned, orphaned, abused and indigent children in being made capable of becoming men and women who can live positive lives in the Philippines. ACFSPI provides a full and complete education to the poorest children in the locality of the school and in the city of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan.

Mision: To provide education, food and shelter to the children of the Philippines empowering them to become responsible and productive members of society.

Goal: Mater Orphanorum & Ateneo Casa Famiglia are dedicated to the wellbeing of each and every child in their care and has set goals to achieve this purpose

MOSPI: To establish temporary residential care services for disadvantaged children. To provide shelter and food to abandoned senior citizens.

ACFSPI: To establish learning institutions, vocational as well as academic, that will primarily benefit those children that are being supported by the incorporation.

  • To form a community of volunteers that aim to serve the children and aspire to charity towards the oppressed and protect them from every form of discrimination.
  • To establish a medical centre primarily geared towards the well-being of the community.
  • To promote love, compassion and goodwill among all peoples and to provide support for the less fortunate members of our society.
  • To become self-liquidating institutions, either wholly or partially, in the future.

In Place of War

Vision: Our vision is to live in a world where creativity conquers conflict. In Place of War is a global organisation that uses artistic creativity in places of conflict as a tool for positive change. 

We enable grassroots change-makers in music, theatre and across the arts to transform cultures of violence and suffering into hope, opportunity and freedom. 

The organisation began with research led by a panel of leading academics into the transformative power of arts in places of conflict. This kick-started the creation of a new network of young creative change-makers spanning 24 countries. 

Today in Place of War helps to support the network across three pillars; the creation of cultural spaces, education & entrepreneurship and artistic collaboration. 

The Pillars - What we do 

In Place of War has three pillars of work that we deliver on the ground in places of conflict. 

Cultural Spaces

Creating safe cultural spaces in some of the worlds most unsupported places. 

The creation of cultural spaces saves people’s lives, giving those in the most marginalised communities the opportunity to express themselves non-violently and build new opportunities. In Place if War is co-creating spaces through business planning, funding and the collection of over $500,000 of donated music, theatre and dance equipment. 

Education & Entrepreneurship

Creative entrepreneur training designed specifically for conflict zones.

Giving people the tools and capacity to build their own opportunities and futures is essential for making long term, impactful and meaningful change. We have trained 200 trainers, in 18 countries, developing skills via our Creative and Social Entrepreneurial Training Programme (CASE). Most recently In Place of War has developed modules around the development of cultural spaces, creative organisations and refugee integration. 

Artistic Collaboration

International artistic collaboration as an antidote to violence. 

We curate artistic collaborations across the world which result in shared skills, knowledge and hope. So far we have mobilised over 1000 artists from 25 countries with the creation of gigs, festivals, conventions, tours, collaborations and theatre performances. 

Why Art?

The arts can provide an inspirational alternative to violence and an opportunity for the voiceless to express themselves. Music, theatre and the arts can be a form of resistance, an act of defiance or a simple bridge of reconciliation.  Creativity across the arts gives individuals and communities the opportunity to transcend their limitations and see potential in themselves and the world around them. 

In Place of War and Mospi collaboration

In Place of War proposes a capacity building week, to:

  • Train trainers in the Creative and Social Entrepreneurial Programme, leaving workbooks, resources, tools and support in the local community
  • To train trainers in the use of music and recording equipment (whilst recording an album, released on In Place of War’s label, Barrio Electric).
  • Bring additional equipment crowd sourced from the music industry in the UK
  • To hold a small music event with a new musical collaboration between local artists and international artists
  • To help the space evaluate and measure impact and theory of change in the community with In Place of War’s tools


February 2019


  • Aaron Horn (Music Training)
  • Laima Leyton and Igor Cavalera (Music training)
  • Nathan Sudders (Music training)
  • Alison Surtees, Charlotte Butler and Ruth Daniel (CASE Programme training and evaluation work with the orphanage)
  • Charlie Miller (Mono Grande, filming and edit)


Flights 4800
Accommodation 5760
Subsistence 2160
Shipping of equipment (as additional luggage between the group) 1500
CASE Programme Training fee 1250
CASE Books 800
Small event costs (rental of PA, space etc) 2000
Film edit fee 1500
Total 19770