Ateneo Casa Famiglia

Ateneo Casa Famiglia, established twenty years ago, situated at Blk. 13 Lot 34 Barangay San Rafael 4 Phase 2, City of San Jose del Monte, Bulacan, Philippines, is a private charitable academic institution, founded primarily to meet the educational needs of the residents of the orphanage, Mater Orphanorum Servants of the Poor, Inc., situated adjacent to the school, which is home to the abandoned, abused and children with life- threatening illness, as well as children born with mental and physical disabilities. The school helps the low- income families in the community in providing education to their children.

Ateneo Casa Famiglia also offers quality education from pre-school to Senior High School. It also offers scholarship grants to low-income families in the community. At present, there are four hundred students receiving scholarships in different forms, fifty of whom receive free board and lodging, in addition to full scholarship. Other scholarships may be in the form of free tuition fee, free uniforms or free books, depending on the needs of the student.

In addition, the school provides modular instruction to students who cannot attend the regular schooling, as in cases of getting an employment to support their family’s needs and to children who are victims of abuse and neglect.

Students receiving full scholarship are enrolled from Elementary to College, some of whom are pursuing courses like Bachelor of Science in Elementary Education, Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education, and Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering; Some have graduated with the Degrees in Nursing, Criminology, and Education. In fact several are teaching in Ateneo Casa Famiglia, , offering their services to assist other residents of the Mater Orphanorum.

In line with the K-12 Curriculum of the Department of Education, Ateneo Casa Famiglia is currently offering, for its Senior High School programs the following strands, General Academic Strand (GAS), Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW), Information and Communication Technology (ICT), Food and Beverage , Bartending and Trainers’ Methodology One (1) (TM1) Courses.

Plans are underway for the opening of collegiate courses like Bachelor of Science in Tourism and Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education Major in English and Minor in Values Education, for students who will be graduating in 2019.

At present, a projected study of constructing an addition of two three-story buildings, with each building costing around FIVE MILLION PESOS (Php. 5,000,000.00) or (83,338 £) is a necessity to accommodate the increasing demand for low-cost quality education.

Ateneo Casa Famiglia aims to provide school facilities that makes learning conducive. Sponsors and benefactors play a great role in developing the future leaders of our country, as such, TEN (10) units of 30” SMART TV in the classrooms, as compliance to the requirements of the Department of Education, have been installed, but TWO (2) units of 40” SMART TVs and SIX (6) units more of 30” SMART TVs are needed, in addition to 25 units of high-end computers and at least two (2) high-end laptops, for the use of the faculty and office staff.

Presently, only the Computer Laboratory is air-conditioned, and there is a need to install air-conditioning units in other rooms for proper ventilation and maintenance of the computers in other classrooms. Thus FOUR (4) units of air-con with 1.5 Hp each for the classrooms need to be provided. The school has 21 classrooms including laboratories. The Faculty Room is presently being renovated to accommodate the teachers and additional offices have been constructed to house the Clinic, Guidance Welfare Office, Administrative Offices and the Food and Beverage Department.

The application for the transformer for the use of the Shielded Metal Arc Welding (SMAW) Course is still in process. We are waiting for the specifications from MERALCO.

The tuition fee that is collected from the few paying students is not enough to cover the expenses necessary for the upkeep and improvement of the school, especially the construction of additional rooms. The partial funding of the school is through the generosity of its Honorary Founder, Rev. Fr. Jim Patrick Teeling and his parishioners and from the school Director, Rev. Fr. Rogelio Cruz, also with the support of his parishioners. All the developments that have been accomplished so far are the results of coordinated and continuous effort of people supporting the two institutions, Ateneo Casa Famiglia and Mater Orphanorum Servants of the Poor, Inc.

Thank you for your generosity and support. We shall keep you updated.